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Švejk restaurant „Prague INN“

Švejk restaurant „Prague INN“

Švejk restaurant is purely a Czech restaurant chain, whose characteristics is reflected in several major features which connect its establishments across the country.

Each restaurant features original and authentic accessories which were a part of the prewar inns. The basis of our philosophy is to present the best of Bohemia. Not only are you guaranteed to find traditional pilsner lager in our restaurant, but also other kinds of beers from Plzenske pivovary Ltd. All our restaurants very closely watch the quality of draft and keg beer and hold a certification of beer of the highest quality.

One of the core ideas of the chain is modern Czech cuisine, which represents the classic in bringing the latest technology complemented by seasonal cooking themed series, such as game, pork or beef feast, and last but not least, St. Martin’s goose. The overall dining experience is supported by the presence of traditional Czech porcelain, cutlery and high quality Czech-made glassware.

The atmosphere of the restaurant is enhanced by traditional Czech folk music and period clothing of the waiting staff. Bar staff wear a “Svejk’s cap”, a white shirt, gray trousers and braces. Female staff wear a red skirt and a white blouse. One of the main attributes of the restaurant are a very stylish interior with original period elements.



28. ŘÍJNA 378/15, 110 00 PRAGUE


50.0841556, 14.423175899999933

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8:30 - 24:00


8:30 - 24:00


8:30 - 24:00


8:30 - 24:00


8:30 - 24:00


8:30 - 24:00


8:30 - 24:00

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