post-title 6 typical Czech dishes you have to sample

6 typical Czech dishes you have to sample

6 typical Czech dishes you have to sample

6 typical Czech dishes you have to sample

6 typical Czech dishes you have to sample

1) Svíčková (beef sirloin in cream sauce with bread dumplings)

In the Czech Republic this is a top national food, a speciality for festive events such as weddings. The roasted beef comes with a sauce of root vegetables in a cream reduction infused with the juices of the roasted meet. Served with bread dumplings.

Interest: The name Svíčková is derived from the type of beef and some say the sauce looks like it’s made of melted candles (candle in Czech is “svíčka“). It doesn’t taste of candles!

2) Pečené koleno (slow-roasted pork)

The pork knee is first poached or boiled and then roasted low and long so the meat is tender and falling from the bone. It is served with mustard, fresh horseradish, sour cucumber and fresh bread.

3) Bramboračka (potato soup)

Chefs take on this traditional and closely-guarded recipe of Czech grandmothers. If your chef gets close to it, your taste buds will be rewarded. In the soup you will find potatoes, mushrooms, root vegetables, garlic and marjoram.

4) Smažák (Fried cheese with french fries and tartar sauce)

A dish that the Czech Republic clearly loves. A guilty pleasure of a recipe involving fried edam cheese, french fries and tartar sauce, you can find this everywhere. If you don’t give this a try, you haven’t really been to the Czech Republic!

Interest: Famous and successful cooks hate this food. They label it a crime against gastronomy.

5) Utopenci

Pickled sausages in vinegar with spices and onion. Served on fresh bread, which soaks up the flavoured vinegar. You will be surprised how delicious this combination of flavours can be!

Interest: Said to be excellent for hangovers.

6) Nakládaný Hermelín

Hermelin is camembert cheese. Pickled in hot spices, garlic and onions in vegetable oil and served with a fresh bread.

Interest: This meal is very greasy and is therefore ideal before a boozy night out.


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