post-title 5 things to see in Prague

5 things to see in Prague

5 things to see in Prague

5 things to see in Prague

Coming to Prague can be a daunting task. So much to see, so little time. So here are five things you should find time to see while in the capital of Czech Republic and no, I am not calling it Czechia. No Czech citizen I know of does and it is not even word derived from Czech language but from English. In my honest opinion, the idea came from a drunk politician trying to at least sound helpful. Save yourself the trouble and don’t use the controversial name while on vacation.

Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge is one of the most prominent bridges of Europe. Build in 1357, it measures 620 meters across and is lined with 30 statues.

Originally called the Stone Bridge or Prague Bridge, there are several myths and legends surrounding not only the way it was built.

In one of them, the architect building the bridge was falling behind the schedule. Today’s standards are that when public work falls behind the schedule, politicians will simply give the company more money and time. But at the time the bridge was built, things were different and it would cost the architect his head. Ah good old days…

Anyway, the legend says the architect was offered help by the devil who had finished the bridge by the first light, however, he asked for the soul that first crosses the bridge as a payment.

The architect had prepared the rooster, hoping to outsmart the devil, but it was not meant to be as the devil tricked his wife to cross the bridge instead.

Wenceslas Square

While at the night time, the square is home to more adult fun, during daytime you can enjoy it with your whole family visiting McDonald’s (Hey, you travel so far, you might as well eat at the same store you eat at home, right? Right?).

Joking aside, this 14th-century square, housing originally a horse market is quite sighting to see and is home to the National Museum.

The Petřín lookout tower

Especially if you are traveling with your loved one, you should not miss the place famous for being St. Valentine’s Day to go hotspot.

63 meters high, it is a miniature replica of Eiffel Tower from Paris and offers an excellent view of Prague.

The national gallery

There is no better way to understand the nation than through its art. While the National Gallery is focusing on Czech artists, you can also find here the works of Monet, Picasso, and others.

U Švejka

Old beer house, a namesake of the famous story of WWI patriotic soldier portrayed in books and movies as an absurd comedy to where the unthinking patriotism’s can lead to is about as iconic Czech as they come.

Have fun, drink some beer and perhaps plan the next trip as you enjoy the authentic Czech cuisine.

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