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All posts by Václav Jirda

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Lennon Wall

In the centre of Prague, near the Charles Bridge, is a colorfully painted wall dedicated the John Lennon. This attracts the Beatles legend’s fans and followers of his messages of peace and respects for fellow man. As such it became a destination for people opposed to the now-fallen communist regime in the Czech Republic. Although […]

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6 typical Czech dishes you have to sample

6 typical Czech dishes you have to sample 1) Svíčková (beef sirloin in cream sauce with bread dumplings) In the Czech Republic this is a top national food, a speciality for festive events such as weddings. The roasted beef comes with a sauce of root vegetables in a cream reduction infused with the juices of […]

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How to avoid the taxi sharks

Using taxis to get around Prague can be tricky for locals – and even more so for tourists. It is good idea to take time to get information about different companies. Believe me, your wallet will be happy! Many foreign tourists like Prague, they say it is one of the most beautiful cities in the […]

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